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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


About what I wrote previously, that was not to imply that I believe myself worthy of Heaven or better than you in any way, Beloved. It's just that we're talking more than just opinions, these are beliefs that have already impacted me and you, Beloved, and more is still to come. So yes, I do believe I've found the way to Heaven, what you'd call serateh mostagheem, but what is Biblically referred to as the narrow gate, and I want to share it with you, Beloved. I make no apology for that, and I won't conceal my motives. And I'm not saying who's going where and why, I don't know that, just that the best way is the way I've found. While all things are possible with the Lord, it is not for us to impede Him by sugar-coating truths to make each other feel better. And in the end it's the Holy Spirit that leads each of us to the Truth. But as St Theresa of Avila said (in so many words) that the goal of a person seeking holiness should be to drag other souls to Heaven with him.

The last thing I want is God forbid! my actions to impact you, my Beloved, by pushing you into error as a reaction against me. I can't forgive myself for that so I'm praying to God not to let that happen. Dearest Beloved, this fear is a big reason why I find myself unable to speak about these things to you.

I have so much to tell you, I hardly know where to start.

Dear God, forgive my errors and presumptions, and let me be corrected where I'm wrong. And please guide me and my loved ones to the right path.

In Christ,

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