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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Only Question


You have faith and I have faith. I however, switched faith in one religion that explains everything to another religion that explains everything, and I'm staking my life on this switch.

Yes I had a faith journey that you didn't know about. I kept it to myself, and you (a few of you) only found out at the tail end of it. You found out what I was up to when I'd already made my decision.

And you asked me questions to prove to you why I think I am right now and was wrong then. Because only an insane person would radically alter the course of their happy life, when the religions have so much in common and there is so much at stake, and when they're both faiths that ultimately can't be proven.

Beloved, I'm not going to change your mind by debating Islamic history, or philosophical points, or politics, or churches, etc. That is impossible. So I don't bother with things like that.

I only ask one thing of you. Consider that IF Jesus is who He said He was, according to the Bible, can you at least agree with me that that changes everything? IF God did come down to earth and sacrifice Himself for our sake, then can anything ever be the same again?

So what do you care how the Scriptures came about, what's going on in the churches, what about the crusades, what about your family when you haven't even once considered in your mind the monstrous mind-boggling possibility that Jesus WAS before Abraham.

Think about that first, and make up your mind about that. Then we can have a discussion.

In Christ,

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