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Friday, April 14, 2006

All Paths Lead to God

All Paths Lead to God

That MAY be True


One path is rocky and windy

With Ravenous Beasts prowling, howling

Looking to devour unwary passersby

Another meanders and meanders until near the end

Where it suddenly veers off course and turns back on itself

Another one lies thru a desert

Where only the ones equipped with the most provisions can dare to pass through

Another is seemingly easy to travel, well-paved, safe, and broad

Yet strewn about with gold pieces and fancy trinkets and great shops and restaurants

First-class entertainment

all along the way, few want to leave it

Then there’s the narrow way,

Seemingly hard and lonely…

Hard to find,

Until one discovers Jesus

Then a great secret,

***Keep your eyes on the prize—Jesus

And keep walking towards Him

Then you will no longer notice that it’s cold

And you haven’t eaten

And there are sheer cliffs and snarling beasts on every side***


Until one notices the company

Fellow travelers one meets in unlikely places




And surprise! Mary has an elevator that goes straight up

She’ll take anyone who asks

Which path will you take?

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