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Friday, April 14, 2006

Who do we worship if not God?

Who do we worship if not God?

If God exists, then how should we worship Him?

Maybe before we make up our own rules and rituals we should check with Him first?

For if we go by our own rules and rituals, aren’t we really just worshipping ourselves?

Isn’t it ultimately either THY WILL BE DONE or MY WILL BE DONE?

As it turns out, God did give a blueprint of His worship

To Moses on the Mountain

That day so long ago

That mirrors how the Father is worshipped in Heaven

Is but a dim shadow, actually

Just think, in all the masses all over the world (Church Militant)

Joined to the Eternal Mass in Heaven,

With Jesus as both the High Priest (on the order of Melchizedek)

And Sacrificial Victim (behold the Lamb!)

And our King

The Eternal Heavenly Chorus of Praise

Of Angels and the Saints (Church Triumphant)

And even the suffering souls in Purgatory (Church Suffering)

Singing “Glory to God in the highest…”

Joined to our often feeble hymns of praise

So when we worship Him on Earth

It’s really a dress rehearsal for how we’re going to spend Eternity

If we’re lucky!

So let’s get down to business

And learn to worship His way

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