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Friday, May 12, 2006

Christianity is based on mystery

Every religion has stuff in it that doesn't quite make sense, or causes discomfort or doubt. Stuff that must be taken on faith. Stuff that is sometimes best left unexplored. For example on faith practices, the life of the founder, or on faith positions.

What I love about Christianity is that all the hard stuff are in the realm of faith, not morals.

At the heart of Christianity lies mystery.

They are called mysteries of the faith: Trinity, Incarnation, Jesus as both true God and true Man, Suffering, the scandal of the cross.

Then there are the Both/And positions to faith questions: both faith and works, God's omnipotence and our free will...

The Catholic Church resists easy answers to eternal questions. All doctrines and beliefs are compiled in books called the catechism. Teaching the faith is a long process and it starts early in a child's life and takes years when done correctly.

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