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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Most Beautiful Story

While there are many who claim to know the true story of Jesus Christ, no one can say that the story presented by the Church is not the most beautiful story. None--none! of the alternative theories of Christianity are as beautiful, mysterious, and spiritually satisfying as that God came down to earth and laid down His life for our sins, while we were still sinners.

Think of it. To borrow GKChesterton’s thought experiment:

Imagine you are traveling in the remotest villages of China, where you’ve heard of a strange religion being practiced. You open an ancient scroll to read of an event, whereby a god, who’s people not even failed but obstinately refused to offer a worthy sacrifice to him, rather than punish them, sent his son down to earth, and allowed his people to sacrifice him instead. A god who sacrificed himself for his people. Who took on the suffering of his people. Who bore their insults. Does that not strike a cord in your heart?

So you can’t believe it, but don’t you wish you could? How does such a god compare to yours? Surely, your reaction isn’t, “alas! if only it were true”! Think about that and pray on it, I bid thee.

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