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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hungry Souls (Een rooh ghaza mikhad!)

These days there seem to be more and more people who don't live according to any religious creed or are religious in name only. I've heard of CINO (Christian IN Name Only) and now MINO (Muslim In Name Only). This is very sad because it means that many people are unaware that they are neglecting their souls. But it is not a problem when things are going well. We don't need religion when things are going well but when they're going terribly wrong.

But true happiness can only come to the soul, when we are not feeding our soul we must then chase pleasures and endlessly distract ourselves.

But something is missing from all of this. Our relationship with God. Because in the end the only thing that is important is our relationship with God. As St Augustine said, "Our hearts our restless until they rest in Thee"

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