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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Egocentric vs Theocentric Spirituality

Broadly speaking spirituality is either egocentric or theocentric:

Egocentric spirituality emphasizes what God can do for us, and specifically the promises of Christ. Since God is the source of all happiness, it is only natural that we turn to Him to obtain it or our own perfection. No one approaches God with entirely pure motives. (Imagine a narcissist who finally realizes that he can become perfect through God and so turns to Him, basically using God as a means to become perfect) But God understands, He will use anything to draw us toward Him.

But this is only the early stage of spirituality. To fully mature we are expected to grow out of it and become theocentric, or God-oriented. This means forgetting ourselves and delighting in God for God's sake. It means being able to pray,
God, make me perfect or make me weak,
Build me up or tear me down,
Whatever pleases You,
It is all the same to me.

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