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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Meaning of Life

Here is a great post on the meaning of life, via Jennifer.

In the beginning, there was God. He existed in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and they enjoyed perfect communion, perfect intimacy, perfect delight. There was no lack and no need. God did not create out of his loneliness or out of any insufficiency, but out of fullness. In the same way that when a cup is full to its brim it overflows, the joy of God overflowed in creation.

God created the world and man and woman, the apex of His creation, to experience the joy of perfect intimacy with Him and to bring Him glory. Sometimes the notion of God creating something to bring Him glory can sound selfish or arrogant to our ears. After all, if we created something with the ultimate purpose to do nothing more than worship us, it would be arrogant or selfish. But here’s the difference: God is perfect, we are not. He deserves all the praise and glory and honor that this world and we could give; we do not. So when He creates a world and mankind to bring Him glory it is perfectly fitting. And when He creates us to enjoy Him, there is nothing higher or better that we can enjoy. He creates us to know the highest pleasure: perfect intimacy with the source of wisdom, goodness, love, justice, etc.

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