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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dawn Eden Finds Truth

Remember in my last post when I spoke of Dr. House meeting Truth?

Here is Dawn Eden writing of her encounter with Truth, and of course she is the much better writer so please visit her site, if you like my writings you'll love her. Plus she's much more prolific (there's an interesting pun for you!).

By the way, she makes an interesting observation when she talks about higher education:

As the course progressed, I became uneasy with the professors' teaching methods. Colwell and Clements used what I have since discovered is the common propaganda method used by liberals seeking to discredit Judeo-Christianity: When they wanted to demonstrate a "good" religion's views on the environment, they would have us read original source material, such as the Tao Te Ching, or texts from Native American mythologies. When they wanted to demonstrate the "bad" views of Judaism and Christianity, they had us read chapters from a book whose author cherry-picked Bible quotes and framed them within the author's critical commentary.

So read the whole thing here.


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