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Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes

Here's my attempt at 7 Quick Takes, in honor of Jennifer F.

1. I used to read books one at a time but now I’m finding it better to read several books in parallel. A perfect day is one where I’ve read a few pages from each book.

2. Speaking of which, I wonder if I’m not too obsessed about finishing books and prayers. If I pray a novena and miss a day, do I forget about the missed prayer and say the next day’s prayer or do I double up for that day? Being an ex-Muslim, anxiety about “prayer debt” (in Islam one is obliged to make up for missed days) is something I’ve had all my life.

3. Miseria, Misericordia, Magnificat--is the secret of Pope Paul the VI’s spirituality, according to his secretary (now Bishop of Cloyne), Father John Magee.

4. Iran and Honduras, pray for the people of these countries!

5. Saint Superman makes a good point, that freedom is interior and external rights are no good while interior freedom is lacking. But I also think we are obliged to fight to stay free. Totalitarianism crushes souls.

6. On the other hand, Professor Peter Kreeft says civilizations will come and go, but our eternal souls are precious.

7. Coming soon, my conversion testimony...

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